Sudoku for all – vol. 1

Sudoku for all - vol. 1

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Sudoku for all - vol. 1

Paper Book
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Sudoku book

Sudoku for all – volume 1

This book offers you over 1000 puzzles of Sudoku for hundreds of hours of relaxation.
From beginner to expert, there’s something for everyone.
Large-format printing and a reduced number of grids per page make it easy for you to add your game annotations.

Solve the Bonus Grid and find the secret code to access a BONUS EBOOK containing 240 additional Sudoku grids.

Sudoku for all” is a book written by an experienced Sudoku player for all Sudoku players. And as the author says, ”The simplicity of the game’s rules makes it accessible to everyone. Just be careful not to become addicted!’’

It is a beautiful gift book to offer you or to be discovered by all Sudoku enthusiasts.

Features of this Sudoku book

  • Large format book
  • High-quality printing
  • 1020 grids
  • Large grids
  • Large print for easy reading
  • 6 grids per page
  • 5 levels of play, from easy to Extremely Hard
  • Solutions at the end of the book
  • Sudoku game rules
  • A FREE BONUS EBOOK of 240 Sudoku puzzles to download from the publisher’s website IN TEXTU

This book is the English version of the French varied Sudoku grids book: “Sudoku pour tous – volume 1”.

Presentation text on back cover of the book

Author’s note:

The popularity of Sudoku is due to the simplicity to handle its rules and on the other hand, it is suitable for players of all levels.

Among the extensive range of benefits generated by playing Sudoku it should be underlined that it boosts particularly your skills to concentrate, strengthen your short-term working memory and moreover, it develops your analytical abilities.

Additionally, it works as an important relaxation tool, as the fact solving a Sudoku grid requires your brain to activate the most of its basic cognitive resources. Thus, a brain occupied with stimulating and pleasurable tasks produces thoughts that are rewarding, comforting and positive !

That’s why I’m offering you over 1,000 Sudoku puzzles of more and more increasing complexity. You can also download additional puzzles free of charge from the publisher’s website ( Get your pencils ready!

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Sudoku for all - vol. 1

Paper Book
| In Stock