Binary for all – vol. 1

Binary for all - vol. 1

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Binary for all - vol. 1

Paper Book
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Binary logic game book

Binary for all – volume 1

This book offers you over 1000 puzzles of Binary for hundreds of hours of relaxation.
From beginner to expert, there’s something for everyone.
Large-format printing and a reduced number of grids per page make it easy for you to add your game annotations.

Solve the Bonus Grid and find the secret code to access a BONUS EBOOK containing 240 additional Binary grids.

Binary for all – volume 1” is a book written by an experienced Binary player for all Binary players. Simple rules for an addictive brain game. And as the author says, ” Aligning 0 and 1 seems childish and yet, this puzzle game with several levels of difficulty captivates young and old.’’

It is a beautiful gift book to offer you or to be discovered by all Binary enthusiasts.

Features of this Binary book

  • Large format book
  • High-quality printing
  • 1020 grids
  • Large grids
  • Large print for easy reading
  • 6 grids per page
  • 3 levels of play, from Easy to Expert
  • Solutions at the end of the book
  • Binary game rules
  • A FREE BONUS EBOOK of 240 Binary puzzles.

This book is the English version of the French puzzles game binary book : Binero pour tous – volume 1.

Presentation text on back cover of the book

Author’s note:

Binary: Look at that logic game with its binary choice- 0 or 1! It provides two possible sensations that remind us of the famous «to be or not to be…».

Thanks to its simple rules, it’s easy to handle and gets to be a powerful positive-mood distiller.

Like all those games that rely on your ability of logical deduction, it’s an essential and highly skilled exercise to train your daily cerebral activities. Concentration, memorisation and reflection are all cognitive tasks which must be totally in process to solve a Binary grid. There is nothing better to get your brain working while having fun.

Moreover, the small burst of positive self-esteem which emerges with each completed grid will be an excellent complement to the agreable sensation of emotional serenity and relaxation that this game arises.

So to make persist that experienced well-feeling by a year’s supply of anti-stress games, I’m offering you more than 1,000 grids providing several graduated levels of complexity.

In addition, with the hypothesis that your neuronal appetite shall furthermore improve, I’ll offer extra grids for you to download from the publisher’s website (

So have fun and enjoy the game!

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Binary for all - vol. 1

Paper Book
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