Binero pour tous – vol. 1

Binero pour tous - vol. 1

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Binero pour tous - vol. 1

Paper Book
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Binary puzzles book – French version

Binero pour tous – volume 1

Unlock the world of Binary puzzles with ‘Binero pour tous – Volume 1,’ an extraordinary collection featuring over 1000 captivating puzzles. Tailored for enthusiasts ranging from beginners to experts, this book ensures hours of relaxation and mental engagement. The large-format printing and a reduced number of grids per page provide an ideal canvas for your game annotations.

Embark on a journey from novice to expert, with each puzzle offering a unique challenge. As you delve into the binary universe, aligning 0s and 1s takes on a surprisingly addictive quality. ‘Binero pour tous’ is not just a book; it’s an invitation to a brain game that captivates both the young and old.

Key Features:

  • Logic and Strategy: Experience the thrill of solving Binary puzzles with three levels of play, ranging from Easy to Expert.
  • Brain Training: Sharpen your cognitive abilities with large grids and easy-to-read prints, enhancing both the challenge and relaxation.
  • Interactive Fun: With six grids per page, this large-format book encourages you to immerse yourself in the world of Binary and add your own game annotations.
  • Bonus Content: Solve the Bonus Grid to unlock a secret code, granting access to a BONUS EBOOK containing an additional 240 Binary puzzles.

This book, crafted by an experienced Binary player, not only provides simple rules for an addictive brain game but also showcases the beauty of Binary puzzles. Perfect as a gift or for personal discovery, ‘Binero pour tous’ is a testament to the game’s universal appeal.

Book Features:

  • Large Format: Enhancing your puzzle-solving experience with high-quality printing.
  • Variety of Grids: With 1020 grids, ranging from easy to expert levels, there’s a challenge for every skill set.
  • Easy Reading: Large print ensures an effortless reading experience.
  • Comprehensive Solution: Find solutions at the end of the book, ensuring a satisfying experience for every puzzle.

And as a special treat, enjoy a FREE BONUS EBOOK with an additional 240 Binary puzzles.

This book is the French version of the English binary logic game book : Binary for all – volume 1.

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Binero pour tous - vol. 1

Paper Book
| In Stock